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They’ve Stolen Your Session & Credentials

A few weeks ago there was yet another (one of hundreds) of attempts to get me to take the bait. With the help of Jaiden in our Cyber Security Centre (#J2CSC), we went a little deeper to give you a view on what happens when these emails hit you and your people. Without a combination of a layered email resilience programme, effective user awareness and correct configuration of machines and user privilege you could be on the wrong end of a successful credential theft crime gang.

The email came is as an apparent link to a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. There was nothing else attached to the email and basic systems would never stop this from hitting your people’s inbox.

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18 years ago today, I walked to our desk in the warehouse section of our good friends at E-Bis and the J2 Software journey officially began. Our young adult now has locations in multiple cities and service 600+ customers on 4 continents. When I think about it all I can say is that I am grateful.

Guided by a passion to Get Stuff Done and change the way people viewed security (it wasn’t called #cybersecurity back then) to help protect our customer’s information and prevent insider risks. It was going to be easy…… ah the naivety.

April 2006 when I proudly walked into that warehouse area armed with 2 laptops, a laser printer and a 3G data card the size of my left hand. Jason still had a month’s notice to complete at his previous employer so it would be a few more weeks before we got to share that desk and 3G card to get our message out to the world.

Jason and I would talk on the telephone after-hours as the first days flew by. Those were great times, difficult times, exciting ties. We were freezing in winter and melting in summer.

Driving in panic to Vereeniging for damage control as we learned by doing and boy did we do some celebrating on every win.

Back then we had customers who bought from us just so that they could stop people going to Facebook or playing Farmville and watching YouTube at work. It was a completely different time that feels like a 100 years ago, not only 18. The world has changed so much.


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‘Tis the Season to be Scammed


It was just yesterday that most of the world was in lockdown, then today we look up and it is half way through November 2023. It sometimes feels like 3 years have been condensed into 1.

The Rolling Stones just released a new album, The Beatles have released a new song & both rushed to the top of the charts - it appears that history continues to repeat itself.

I will not go on about all the things that have changed, or the increased number of cyber attacks or improvements to cyber criminals methods, I will rather focus this article on the things that keep coming back, end of year scams.

While we wait in anticipation of the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday around the world and deal with the festive specials and Christmas music in stores (in November) keep an eye out for the #cybergrinch who will be trying to make this a year of losses.

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It’s not like it’s a motor car, its more valuable than that

Nobody will want to target us, we have nothing to steal. We are not important enough. We are not big enough. All our email is in the cloud, so we are ok. These are some of the excuses we hear from Small and Medium business owners when we speak to them about the cyber risk associated with their email systems. Yet they all know how to protect physical company assets, like a motor vehicle.

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