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User Behavioural analytics

Unified Email Management


Every users “life” resides on their PC’s and Servers

J2 Online Backup

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User Behavioural Analytics


End Point Visibility to reduce risk: Dtex provides complete end-user visibility to reduce risk by monitoring behavioural changes at the end user level. Dtex uses Human Analytics to detect risk and allows you to take action as soon as an incident occurs, not months later.

User Productivity Monitoring

ActivTrak’s invisible Agent tracks and measures work activity without relying on human input. This unbiased dataset includes usernames, application title bars, website URLs, activity duration, screenshots, idle time, and USB activity.

Cyber Resilience for Email


J2 Software and Mimecast will take the pain out of handling your organisation's most important data; the information that passes through your email systems. Mimecast is the leading Cloud Based - Unified Email Management solution providing Email security, continuity, archiving and compliance in the cloud.

Managed Encryption

Web-based management tool

SimplySecure Management System is Built for iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac PCs, and USB storage, SimplySecure modules can be added instantaneously to your account/web console as you need them.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides a comprehensive set of software tools and services that facilitate office documentation, communication and management tasks. No upfront installation or integration is required, other than an Internet connection and supporting web browser.

Secure Data Destruction

WhiteCanyon Software, Inc. is a leading provider of security software employing permanent deletion technology to prevent identity theft. The company is engaged in the development, sales and support of hard disk utilities that leverage deletion and security related technologies.